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Daniel Adams

Daniel Adams

Fine Art Gallery, 17617 E State Hwy 29, Buchanan Dam, TX 78609 956-432-2262


Daniel Adams is an accomplished and renowned artist with fans in 48 countries. He is now living in the beautiful Hill Country of Texas. Living on a lake for the past few years he wakes up to a different view each day. Cloudy, sunny or foggy, the views are inspiring to his creative process. He thanks God for the glory of it all, knowing it is not a permanent moment he is in, but one that is filled with changes each day, and each day is a new one. One that perhaps can be made a little better by understanding and protecting the natural world.

He has won hundreds of awards including many Best of Show awards across the United States. He was head of an art department for Walt Disney Productions. He has drawn over two hundred thousand people. Taught different art processes and techniques, judged art shows, and designed the Challenger license plate for the State of Florida. It raised millions of dollars and the funds built the Astronaut's Memorial at Cape Canaveral. He also designed the Official Flag for Orange County, Florida. He is a founding member of "The Open Arts Alliance." An Art Gallery owner. Winner of the "Idea of the Year" at Disney World. An Art Director for Metrovision Motion Picture Studios. Winner of poster design competitions. He also received the "Ambassador's Award" from the Astronauts' Memorial Foundation, their highest honor to bestow.

He believes many of the problems of the world can be solved through the arts.

"Go forth each day with creativity and positive thoughts and change your world."

To date his donations to non-profit organizations has raised over 50 million dollars.

Some of his Museum Exhibitions:
"Morse Gallery of Art" Rollins College, Florida
"Art Gallery" Georgia College in Milledgeville
"Davidson County Museum" in Lexington, North Carolina
"Danville Museum of Fine Arts" Danville, Virginia
"Orlando Museum of Art" (Loch Haven Art Center)
"Art Gallery" Valencia Community College, Orlando, Florida
Art in the Collection of the Orange County Historical Museum
Art in the Edinburg Historical Museum
Art in the Walt Disney Art Collection

A few thoughts as told by the Artist

I was born to be an artist! I can not remember a time when I wasn't interested in creating art. My grandmother once told me so many years ago in my childhood that I was an "Artist." That thoughtful moment perhaps changed my life. Or maybe it confirmed what I already knew instinctively. Being a truly creative individual is a continued exploration of the world around us. It doesn't stop. So many difficulties to overcome. So many joyful moments. Part of the quest is just still searching, exploring, experimenting, and trying to achieve something intangible. Trying to achieve something totally magical, and when it is achieved it seems like it happens effortlessly. Forget all the hard work, pain, studying, and endless analyzing, it just seems to flow and it is so sweet when it happens and you are captured by that particular moment, only to realize that it is in that moment that defines ones sense of self. Thanks Grandma.

About my art...I paint what I love and what I know, what is around me and my surroundings. I feel the energy of the subject, the moment and time. That energy stays with the painting. One can feel it! Some visitors feel it the moment they come into the gallery. It hits them head on...they smile, grin, and tears of joy just happen. It still amazes me when that happens. Sometimes my art is healing and heals people, or gives them peace. It's a healing energy process that is put into the work while I am creating it.

Purchasing Fine Art is an art in itself. Do you see something you like? Something that speaks to you? Follow your own heart and purchase that artwork in confidence with your own taste. Empower yourself and surround yourself with the art you love!

The Daniel Adams Fine Art Gallery is located at:
17617 East State Highway 29
Buchanan Dam, TX 78609

Phone: 956-432-2262

Please stop by for a visit, you might even catch him painting a picture at the working studio/gallery. At the very least he
would appreciate the break from painting, and having a chat with a new friend.


DA111 Fishbonz by Daniel Adams by Daniel Adams


DA175 Green Jay by Daniel Adams by Daniel Adams


DA137 Pelican Over Water by Daniel Adams by Daniel Adams


DA171 Flame by Daniel Adams by Daniel Adams


DA110 Fire Mane by Daniel Adams by Daniel Adams


DA212 Spoonbill Wading by Daniel Adams by Daniel Adams


DA165 Eagle's Flight by Daniel Adams by Daniel Adams


DA108 Distant Thunder by Daniel Adams by Daniel Adams


DA204 Painted Bunting Rainbow by Daniel Adams by Daniel Adams


DA216 The Cross and the Tree by Daniel Adams by Daniel Adams


Da205 Willow Cat by Daniel Adams by Daniel Adams


Da206 Cape Buffalo by Daniel Adams by Daniel Adams


DA161 Texas Bluebonnet Hummingbird by Daniel Adams by Daniel Adams


DA101 Backstroke by Daniel Adams by Daniel Adams


DA114 Free Gallop by Daniel Adams by Daniel Adams


DA207 Rain Storm Over The Lake by Daniel Adams by Daniel Adams


DA164 Hummingbird Brazil by Daniel Adams by Daniel Adams


DA208 Twin Pelicans by Daniel Adams by Daniel Adams


DA214 Wise Old Tree by Daniel Adams by Daniel Adams


DA121 Indian Dance by Daniel Adams by Daniel Adams